Ziggley’s Mission

Ziggley LLC is an independent, non-partisan, privately held company that provides rankings of U.S. towns, based on a number of useful ranking criteria. We are currently in the process of completing our pilot phase that ranks 14 towns in CT and RI.


Rankings of Towns

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State, TownTaxes Rank * (1=Lowest Taxes)Finances Rank * (1=Best)
CT, Easton 13 1
CT, Glastonbury 14 1
CT, Redding 12 1
CT, Ridgefield 8 1
CT, Weston 10 NR
CT, Westport 4 NR
CT, Wilton 9 NR
RI, Jamestown 2 NR
RI, Lincoln 11 NR
RI, Little Compton 1 1
RI, Narragansett 3 2
RI, North Kingston 6 2
RI, Portsmith 5 1
RI, Scituate 7 3

• Taxes Rank: Our ranking is based on the median average ratio of annual property taxes as a percent of the home value for all homes sold in this town during the calendar year. For example, if a home is sold for $500,000 and it has annual property taxes of $5,000 then it has an effective property tax rate of 1.0% (i.e., $5,000 divided by $500,000). We calculate the median effective property tax rate for each town based on a list of all property sales transactions during the calendar year. The town ranked number one above has the lowest level of property taxes of all ranked towns.

• Finances Rank: Our ranking is based on the Issuer Credit Rating of Standard & Poor's. For example, a "1" rank means a AAA rating; a "2" rank means a AA+ rating; a "3" rank means a AA rating, etc. If the town has not obtained an Issuer Credit Rating from Standard & Poor's, we show the town's "Finances Rank" as being 'NR' for not rated. The highest number we assign for Finances Rank is an "11" which is equal to non-investment grade - often referred to as a 'junk bond' rating.